Plastic Free Eastbourne Monthly Meeting 33: Sunday 4th July 2021 7pm




Present: Oliver Sterno, Sue Dixon, Kerry Fairlie, Chris Hunnisett, Tina Robinson,

David Stopp, Nelson Kay, Sally Boys, Sally Mildner

Apologies: Denise & Martin Walsh, Jane Wilde, Joseph Uhlar


1) Matters arising from the Minutes:

a) Review: Last month's (9th) challenge success? “visit all of our Spring Water Way

Refill Stations” Most of those present had already visited these during the Spring

Water Festival. Others did not live locally.

b) Marine Study Centre: Oliver explained that he and Alice Tebb of the Marine

Conservation Society were due to give a presentation to Eastbourne Chamber of

Commerce on July 21st. The next meeting of the Steering Group for this project is 14th


c) Post Zoom meeting location: In September and October, the Lansdowne Hotel ( a

Plastic Free Champion) has offered to host our Monthly Meeting and provide

refreshments. Other hotels such as the Hydro and the View, both Plastic Free

Champions, are being asked to follow suit. It may be possible to combine live meetings

with Zoom if the hotel technology allows this.


2) “Spring Water Festival”: 13th to 22nd May 2022. All welcome to join the

Steering Group planning next year’s events. The video of this year’s events is in



3) This month's ~No. 10 ~ Challenge of the Month: sustainable use of electricity

switch off wall sockets, computers and smart phones, TV & boosters; hot water: can

use cold; don't sing in the shower; windows open & heating on (X!); Smart meter to

be in control; switch off lights when not in use ~ use LEDs which cost more but

consume far less electricity; fill a kettle with enough water for use; think about fitting

solar panels to your roof.


4) “Snippets”

Publicity Stall in the Hut ~ Beacon Shopping Centre July 6th & 9th. Sally Boys and

Sally Mildner kindly offered to help.

Plastic Free July

Beacon Great Plastic Weigh In 2021 ~ Kerry Fairlie of Independent Events (3rd),

10th, 14th, 17th July; Kerry explained that litterpicks were organised, the plastic

would be weighed in and participants be given a tote or reusable cup. There are free

workshops for children to produce artwork leading up to an art installation to be sited

in the Beacon.


You can also bring items from your own recycling to use in the workshops


MAPP (a London Real Estate company) will be beach cleaning at the Pier on 16th



5) Refill* progress: a) funding offered by SouthEast Water for Refill station in Helen


b) Cornish Refill Stations: from “Our Only World” ~ Tina Robinson explained that

there were issues around intellectual property which were delaying the production of

their Refill stations made from recycled fishing gear but there was a redesign in

process and it was hoped to start production in the next couple of months. PFE wish to

order several once they are ready.

c) Next locations being confirmed: Langney Shopping Centre, Gildredge Park;

entrepreneur wishes to fit one outside his business


6) Website: ~ Sponsorship is being sought to pay

for a part time webmanager.


7) Other causes ~ Chris Hunnisett of Tubbs Computers talked about the funding

difficulties he had experienced but nevertheless he was progressing and has a

volunteer to strip computers and will be employing someone via the Kickstarter

scheme. There are plans to run art workshops using parts, wiring etc from the stripped

computers. He has a GoFundMe page: :


Warm Norm continues strongly ~ BHASSEXPLORE: ~ next event Sunday 25th July

~ Mucky Mermaids: next beach clean is cancelled (Sunday 25th July 10am: Eastbourne Water

Treatment Works)

Jezzamin Balcikonis has set up a Terracycle collection point for crisp packets. Details

avaiaible via Facebook Group Crisp Packet Recycling Eastbourne


Lobbying campaign re “benign plastics” Oliver is pursuing this exciting lobbying

campaign to force the manufacturers of plastic to create plastic which will degrade



Nelson Kay spoke about the progress made with his various environmental projects.

Details available via Cleaner Ocean Foundation website

AOB: Sally Boys asked for more information about Andy Dinsdale of Strandliners

and his excellent work



~ Next month's challenge: ~Number 11~ ethical electronics & media


~ next meeting Sunday: 1st August to be confirmed. There was discussion regarding

whether to have a break for August although participants present were happy to attend

a meeting that month. Probably meet next in September.


Minutes: Sue Dixon