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Annual General Meeting (AGM) Minutes

PLASTIC FREE EASTBOURNE Community Interest Company (CIC) AGM

incorporating Steering Group Meeting

10am 12th January 2022 ~ Via Microsoft Teams

Present: Oliver Sterno Plastic Free Eastbourne (PFE) Director and Community Leader, Sue Dixon PFE Director, Andy Durling PFE Director. Alex Hayter Titan 360, Chris Mason Titan 360, Cllr Colin Swansborough Lead Member for Climate Change, Cllr Jon Dow, Cllr Robert Smart, Christina Ewbank Chamber of Commerce, Mike & Ting Plaskett Beach Adopters and PFE supporters, Lucy Plant PFE volunteer Finance Manager, Joanne Folwell East Sussex College Group (ESCG), Rachel Cunningham ESCG Flagship Employer, Catherine Clifford Eastbourne Hospitality Association, India Wentworth Eastbourne Herald, Neil Peters Community Recycling Engagement Officer, Sally Boys Eastbourne Friends of the Earth

Apologies: Rachel Edwards, Mark Cotman, Robin & Sue Sykes, Nelson Kay, Stephanie Ellis, Ray Jarvis, David Stopp, Jane Wilde

Note: our Mayor was invited but through internet technical difficulties was unable to enter the meeting.

1) Reports:

a: Annual Report (available to view on our website):

Oliver went through the report which had been available to view on our website before the meeting and explained the activities and successes of PFE over the past year, despite the restrictions imposed by the Covid 19 pandemic. The report was welcomed by the meeting.

b: Deputy Leader's report: Sue outlined her role and work during 2021 and paid tribute to Oliver for his tireless work. The Deputy role is now vacant as Sue is reducing her commitments.

c: Finances (statement available on our website): Lucy Plant outlined the Finances: there had been £10,000 operating income from grants and the finances have been managed very well by Oliver. £17,000 from grants, chiefly from EBC and Chalk Cliff Trust, has been ringfenced for expenditure on Refill stations in the next financial year. Oliver thanked Lucy for her very thorough work.


2) Policies: these are available to view on:

They have been reviewed and adopted by the Directors.

3) Constitution:

Oliver explained the role of the Surfers Against Sewage Steering Group which requires the participation of the Flagship Employer and a link Borough Councillor, both of whom are represented here today. A Constitution is required for the CIC and PFE does have this in place but Oliver wishes to amend this by the next AGM in order to incorporate the role of the Steering Group as a consultative body. An application process will be developed for interested parties to apply to become a Director of PFE, holding a specific portfolio. This will be published in due course.

4) Short video by Titan 360: “Great Beach Clean 2021”

Titan 360 donated their time and expertise and filmed the events of the Spring Water Festival

2021. The films will be available to view via our website

5) Questions to the Directors.

Ting Plaskett - is Sue remaining as Safeguarding Lead? This was confirmed.

Jon Dow – Does PFE have sufficient funding for Refill stations? Oliver explained that PFE will

now be using a Refill station built in Cornwall partly from recycled fishing net. This has a lower carbon footprint than the one imported from the USA and Oliver has negotiated a favourable price which means that the waiting list of planned Refill stations can be funded.

Jon Dow – Are the fishing nets and line collected on the seafront used in this manufacture?

This is not the case as the fishing net is utilised from collection in Cornwall but nevertheless it is all part of the same scheme.

India Wentworth - what is the name of the app which indicates where Refill points can be found? The Refill app.

Robert Smart – are funds required for anything other than Refill stations? 95% of funds raised go towards Refill stations. Some funding is required for running the CIC and the campaign.

What is the relationship between PFE and supermarkets? Most of the main supermarkets have donated to PFE through their token schemes but none are able to make significant changes to policies regarding plastic at local level.

Would there be a repetition of the litter picks by schools? Schools participate in Beach cleaning but PFE have not held Schools litter picks as such. In 2019 the majority of local Primary schools participated in a competition to design notice boards for local parks and these are in situ in parks across Eastbourne.

6) AOB: Oliver thanked Sue Dixon for her sterling work as his Deputy.

7) Date of next AGM: Wednesday 11th January 2023 10am

Minutes: Sue Dixon

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