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Biomass plastics                    Petition Letter                                                       #BiomassPlastics


Dear Caroline Ansell ~ Member of Parliament for Eastbourne

I am writing this letter to you as a petition.

I am very concerned about single-use plastics and their negative impact on our environment. In particular I want to focus on their manufacture. We are told how long each type of plastic takes to break down but they end up as tiny particles that are still dangerous nano plastics ~ they remain indefinitely as toxic material.


I want you to help me to bring biodegradable plastics into being ~ from “Biomass Plastics”. This will involve a tough challenging strategy:

Firstly, we need to raise the profile of the work being carried out by scientists in the field of biomass plastics. There are many who have become enthused or inspired to invent or create such products. Incentives from the government must be directed at this challenge: for example, the government has introduced £23 million to fund for a slew of new know-how tasks aiming at decarbonising the seas. Among the tasks to be awarded funding recently is a project to build a fleet of 10 self-driving “green submarines” that run on green hydrogen by 2026.

Secondly, now that such inventions are being produced, governments will need to persuade or tell the plastics manufacturers to start making and using materials that will have a “life span” at the end of which they will simply turn into minerals that can help to make soil. Chemists and biotechnologists have developed this science so that they can produce the same formulae as from fossil raw materials. There will no longer be any need to depend on fossil raw materials, such as crude oil, in most cases.


The recent pandemic has shown us how much can be achieved in one year when industry, science and politicians work together to solve an urgent problem, such as developing, testing and rolling out Covid-19 vaccinations. This gives me hope that with the same sense of urgency we can find a solution to an equally critical challenge. With “Biomass Plastics” in our world, when someone “chucks” an empty plastic Coca Cola bottle out of a car window we would only worry about litter, not about damaging our Planet. The litter would not last long anyway!


Please treat our petition seriously. I understand how hard this is going to be to bring about change. Being my representative in Parliament, I am hoping you can influence change using our petition as support.

Please write back to me to let me know what your response is. If you would like to discuss this with me, please do so.

Thank you for your support. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Best wishes,


Caroline Ansell, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA Email: )

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