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Welcome to Gutterly Good where we make delicious artisan, gut-friendly fermented veggies in Seaford, East Sussex. Since I discovered the magical world of microbes, the traditional ways of preserving food, the ongoing scientific research into our gut microbiome and the mind-boggling array of health benefits, I immersed myself into the wonderful world of 'wild fermentation'. Fermented foods have been consumed throughout time and across cultures. What started thousands of years ago as a means to preserve food is now understood to help balance the good and bad bacteria in the gut. "Wild" fermentation means utilizing the naturally occurring yeasts and bacteria on the veggies to ferment them. No water. No vinegar. No heat. The only addition is good quality, mineral-rich salt which kicks off the birth of lactobacillus – 'the superheroes'
that boosts your digestion, immune system, and overall well-being. Fermentation acts as a form of pre-digestion, the probiotic action of the microorganisms breaks carbohydrates down into more easily accessible forms. All of a sudden the calcium, potassium, vitamins B, C, and K, and all the other nutritional elements already present in the veggies become more bioavailable and literally teeming with probiotic bacteria.
Eating a spoonful a day can really boost our microbiome, helping to support the immune system, fight inflammation and heal our gut. I'm passionate about keeping my business as sustainable as possible...I source ingredients from local organic growers as much as I can when in season. Fermenting is a great way to use gluts of seasonal vegetables so less is wasted and you can store up the nutrition for the months ahead. I also offer a discount on returned jars and bottles so they can be recycled. Fermented foods are treated as a condiment. Add a spoonful to a salad, pop into a sandwich or burger, add to smoothies, or just have as a side to any meal. If you are new to ferments, start with a small forkful a day. Like adding anything new to your diet, introduce it slowly so your gut microbiome can adjust. A by-product of the fermenting process means there is often excess liquid. This juice is a concentrated source of nutrients and lactobacilli. It makes for an excellent and easy therapeutic neat gut shot or add a splash to smoothies, juice or salad dressings. Each recipe has been thoughtfully developed, combining veggies, fruit, herbs and spices, to be as nutrient dense and healthy as possible. My goal is to create delicious fermented veggies that inspire your taste buds yet hold true to tradition by restoring your body’s strength and building its defences, the natural way. Each jar comes packed with gut-friendly bacteria, exciting flavours and character to transform every meal. Lovingly crafted by hand in small batches, using only the freshest organic ingredients.

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