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Kay Hilton- I am a multidisciplinary artist with a speciality in textiles and weaving. I have a deep and extensive knowledge in the process of weaving and wish to bring the traditional medium into a modern art and design world. I recently graduated from the University of Brighton in Textiles in Business studies. My projects have had a range of themes and subjects but I’m often inspired by my surroundings, whether it be people, location or architecture. I would like to be known as an explorative and innovative designer with bold and confident use of colour throughout my work. I hope to relate colours to psychology and to portray mood through the use of colour. My most recent woven textile collection investigates the ideas surrounding the overlapping cycles of human existence conducting research into the cycles of development in the human condition as well as life cycles in general, for example, tide and moon phases linking to menstruation cycles. Drawing inspiration from imagery of railways tracks and road interchanges whereby the roads and rails become symbolic of the above. I am keen to begin creating and organising events and workshops with local

residents with the hope to share my love of weaving through community-based activities. Enforcing the niche and traditional craft of weaving becomes accessible to a broader range of people. I wish to inspire others with my technical knowledge and expertise on the subject. To show how beneficial meditative practice through weaving can be and how the use of colour theory can influence overall mood and being. My recent makes include a series of small frame weaves inspired heavily by local landscape, to be used for interiors, fashion or stand-alone fibre art textile pieces.

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