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Working together, we can make a difference

We collaborate with the local council and authorities, schools, some environmental organisations, and local businesses to all support our mission - to reduce single use plastic and continue our work to make Eastbourne Plastic Free.  

Minutes, Meeting No. 29 

PFE Monthly Meeting 29: Sunday 7th March 2021 4.30pm

Present: Oliver Sterno, Sue Dixon, Denise and Martin Walsh, Sarah Hill, Nicole Allen, Sue Burton, Rachel plus her daughters, Josh Babarinde, Candy Vaughan, Jeff Geipel, Alex Burrough, Jon Dow.

Apologies: Ting Plaskett, Nelson Kay.


1) “Speaker of the Month”: 4} Presentation by Cllr Jon Dow Lead Cabinet Member for Climate Change.                                      

 Jon described the declaration of a Climate Emergency by the Borough council in 2019 which was followed by the establishment of the Eastbourne Eco Action Network – a Resident led group working in partnership with the Council to achieve the target of

Carbon Neutrality for Eastbourne by 2030. How can we live with the smallest possible carbon footprint. He explained some of the ways he had reduced his own carbon footprint which included selling his car. He went on to outline the different groups which make up the Eco Action Network Treebourne have an ambition to plant 10,000 trees annually up to 2030 and in fact planted 14,000 in the first year, raising £30,000. The Council provided the land, the planting expertise and access to grants. The Borough Council recognises the need to decarbonise its housing stock – it currently owns 10% of local housing. In Cavalry Crescent in Old Town the Council wishes to build 20 units powered by air source heat pump.

EV Charging points are under discussion. The aim is to have a zero carbon taxi fleet by 2030.There could be a taxi recharging facility at Hampden Park Retail Park. A Quality Bus partnership is in its early stages.

2) Matters arising from the minutes:

a) Review: Last month's challenge success? “Single-use plastic free shopping”.

Majority present had made some changes towards achieving this. There is to be a page on the website on this topic. Please email Oliver is you are interested in contributing to this.

b) Cycle route litter picking ~ Jeff Geipel outlined his plans for this litter pick along Lottbridge Drove, Horsey Sewer and the Cuckoo Trail.

c) Updates: i) Dee Harmer's recycling fishing line collection points – these were commended ii) Campaign Free plastic toys in comics ~ Kyle's Petition: Oliver updated the meeting.                        


3) “Spring Water Festival”: 14th to 23rd May ~ Oliver gave a full Progress update:

  • Beach clean by Adopters 16th May to be filmed by Drone

  • Refill Walk from Beachy Head Story to Sovereign Harbour

  • Other events- SUP Boarding, Swimming, Art and Exhibition, Beach Study,

  • Pilgrimage, History Trail.

  • All Covid secure.



4) This month's ~No. 6~ Challenge of the Month: how can Families reduce single-use plastics. The idea is to try to find one more thing you can do beyond what you are already doing.

5) Families’ item: how can you become ~ or are~ involved?  Rachel, Faye and Grace explained how they had changed their approach to celebrating birthdays by giving up balloons, wrapping presents in brown paper which they had decorated

themselves and making choices when shopping.  They feel that the change of meeting time to 4.30 is helpful to encourage families to attend.


6) Refill Progress: a £4,000 grant has recently been received from Chalk Cliff Trust to add to the funds for refill stations. Very important to have the infrastructure in place so that bottled water no longer the easiest (though not the cheapest) option.


7) Website: update on    Please visit the website.    


8) Participant contributions:

a) Update on BHASSEXPLORE. Next event 20/21 March Cuckmere Haven.              


 b) Young and BAME participants: search for volunteers continues. We wish to engage the whole of Eastbourne. Josh Babarinde suggested inviting Challenge Racism Eastbourne.                      


AOB:  Food Waste Action Week this week. Daily updates on our Facebook page.

Next month's  ~Number 7~ Challenge of the Month: reduce water consumption next Jitsi meeting Sunday: 4th April. “Speaker of the Month ~No.5” Jo Seaman will speak about “Beachy Head Story”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Please contact me if you would like to purchase from these last 2 items

Oliver Sterno Community Leader ~ Plastic Free Eastbourne

Become a Plastic Free Champion !

Please join us and support our efforts to make a measurable improvement in the world we are responsible for. 

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