Plastic Free Eastbourne Monthly Meeting 32: Sunday 6 th June 2021 4.30pm MINUTES

Present: Oliver Sterno, Sue Dixon, Denise and Martin Walsh, Sally Mildner

Apologies: Liz McGraw, Ting Plaskett, David Stopp, Jane Wilde


1) “Speaker of the Month”: 7} Alice Tebb ~ Marine Conservation Society “Beachy Head East Marine Conservation Zone”. Due to unforeseen circumstances Alice was unable to attend and Oliver therefore spoke about this topic and outlined the issues and opportunities. He also explained the developments regarding a Marine Study Centre being established in Eastbourne. Alice Tebb will be the speaker of the month in July.

2. Matters arising from the minutes:

a) Review: Last month's challenge success? “pledge never to buy a single-use plastic bottle of water”. All participants in the meeting had achieved this,

b) Marine Study Centre – discussed in 1) above

c) Adopt a Beach ~ update. Volumes of rubbish being collected by those who report are decreasing but the regularity of reporting has also reduced and Adoptees will be gently reminded to return their surveys.

3) “Spring Water Festival”: 14th to 23rd May ~ Review. Oliver reported that all 22 Events took place and thanked everyone who took part. The Art Exhibitions at the Hydro and the Lansdowne Hotels are still running; also the one at Morrisons. The weather was not kind. It was also difficult to judge how many participants had visited the Refill Stations as there were no uploaded photos. The film is in the process of being created and will be presented for a public viewing. The Festival will take place next year between 13 th and 22 nd May 2022. Sally commented that publicity had not reached everyone in Eastbourne.

4) This month's ~No. 8 ~ Challenge of the Month: visit all Refill Stations along Spring Water Way Participants are asked to top up their water bottles and take a photo.

5) “Rethink periods”: educational programme introduction. Libby from “City to Sea” was unable to attend to speak to this topic.

6) Refill* progress: a) funding offered by South East Water. This is in discussion.

b) Cornish Refill Stations: from “Our Only World” ~ Tina Robinson. We are waiting for these to be ready so further Refill Stations can be installed eg in Helen Gardens.

c) International Refill Day ~ 16th June

d) Sovereign Harbour Yacht Club Refill Station - the Yacht Club has declined to participate in the scheme.

7) Website: ~ Web Manager is sought

8) Other causes ~

a) Participant contributions: Ting Plaskett is undertaking the Surfers Against Sewage Street Clean survey. Liz McGraw is working on planting flowers around trees on streets and other suitable locations.

b) Warm Norm continues strongly ~ BHASSEXPLORE next event is 26/27 June; Mucky Mermaids: next beach clean ~ 27th June at the Redoubt

c) PFE will be taking part in Eastbourne Carnival in September

9) Young and BAME participants: search for more participants continues

AOB~ Next month's challenge ~Number 9~ electricity management

~ next Zoom meeting Sunday: 4th July ~ at 7pm Here is the link:

“Speaker of the Month ~ Alice Tebb. This may be the last Zoom before a return to live meetings in August. Previously the meetings had taken place in the Crown and Anchor but this does present access issues as the meetings were upstairs. It was proposed to hold the meetings in hotels. It was agreed to move the time of the meeting back to 7pm starting from the July meeting.

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Oliver Sterno Community Leader ~ Plastic Free Eastbourne

Community Coordinator ~ Refill Eastbourne