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Plastic Free Eastbourne's
Monthly Meeting: 34

Sunday 5th September 7 pm Minutes

Present: Oliver Sterno, Sue Dixon, Joan Kennedy, Nelson Kay, Anna Reed, Liz Magraw, Jane Balu, Clare Chetwood

Apologies: Jane Wilde, David Stopp, Denise & Martin Walsh, Catherine Clifford, Rachel, Grace & Fate Edwards, Josh Babarinde, Ting Plaskett.

Thanks were expressed to Catherine Clifford for donating the use of the room and the refreshments as well as to Charlie for his time and setting up.

1) "Speaker of the Month": Oliver Sterno - "Benign Plastics" Oliver explained his thesis and campaign for Benign Plastics (Please see documents attached to these minutes). He has presented the petition to Caroline Ansell MP and discussed it with her. The Brighton Argus is publishing on Monday, September 13th which will include this campaign and Oliver is contacting Caroline Lucas MP who has the Second Reading of the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill on Friday 10th September. Oliver gave other examples of how the petition is being disseminated and the campaign developed. It is intended to put the petition online.

2) Matters arising from the minutes:

a) Review: Last month's (10th ) challenge success? “sustainable use of electricity” Those who had been present at the last meeting had all undertaken this challenge to the best of their abilities.

b) Marine Study Centre ~Oliver explained the progress so far.

c) The Monthly Meetings will be held in hotels: Sept & October: Lansdowne Hotel followed by the Hydro and other participating hotels. Details to be announced.

3) Titan360 and “Spring Water Festival”: 13th to 22nd May 2022~ our next Festival Steering group is on 15th September. Ideas for events are welcome. Oliver explained that the Titan 360 films have now been completed and are being released initially via the Newsletter starting with the Beach Clean May 2021. Liz offered to produce a write up of her experience of the 'Adopt a Beach' scheme.

4) This month's ~No. 11 ~ Challenge of the Month: “ethical use of the internet” Oliver recommended we use Ecosia as our search engine rather than Google. Endeavour to be encouraging and never put others down on social media. Try to reduce time spent on the internet.

5) “Snippets”: Publicity Stall at the 4-day Gildredge Park Vintage Festival. Thanks to the volunteers who ran this. 380 petitioners signed our Benign Plastics lobbying petition

Beechwood Grove group held their beach clean on 5th September.

PFE will have a stall at the East Sussex College Group Freshers Fair on 28th September. The ESCG are our Flagship Employer and are very supportive.

6) Refill* progress: a) £1000 funding offered by SouthEast Water.

b) Cornish Refill Stations: from “Our Only World” ~ Tina Robinson. The prototype design has been

completed and these models which are made from recycled material will be produced in the coming


c) Next locations being confirmed: Helen Gardens, Langney Shopping Centre, Gildredge Park; SE Water's; an entrepreneur wishes to fit one outside his business (!)

7) Website: Our new web manager Gemma Courtney-Davies has recently sent out the latest newsletter. Her role has been sponsored by Sussex Independent Financial Advisers who are one of our Plastic Free Champions,

8) Other causes ~

Participant contributions:

Nelson outlined his projects and their current progress.

Diary of events:

1) Tuesday 7th September 8 pm Greenpeace planning meeting via Zoom:

2) 18th Sept Sunshine Carnival. Please let us know if you can help. Meet Western Lawns at 1.15.

3) 24th September weekend: Warm Norm and BHASSEXPLORE beach clean at Cuckmere Haven

4) Sunday 26th September 10 am Mucky Mermaids: next beach clean ~ location to be announced

5) 2nd October UN Climate and Oceans Symposium in Hastings.

9) Blue Flag and Seaside Awards Oliver has got the ball rolling on this and now handed it to Jon Dow and the Council to pursue.


~ Next month's challenge: ~Number 12 ~ sign up for the “Benign Plastics” petitions

~ next meeting Sunday: 3rd October, 7 pm at the Lansdowne Hotel. “Speaker of the Month ~ ???

~ Items for next monthly meeting??

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

For sale: 

1)Wild Tribe Heroes books by Ellie Jackson ~ £7.99p each. On line: in the notes section write “PFE” and we will receive the profits for each book sold ~ 

2) “Plastic Free Eastbourne” Cotton T-Shirts £9 each; new version £12 each Organic Regenerated

Cotton “Ecologie” by

3) Litter pickers £4 each. £7 folding litter pickers

Please contact me if you would like to purchase these items.

Oliver Sterno Community Leader ~ Plastic Free Eastbourne

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