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Plastic Free Eastbourne Monthly Meeting: 38

2 mins Welcome & Personal greetings ~ depends how many are “in”. 1 minute each max. 
1 min


Minuter ~ please someone volunteer for “Action/Decision” minutes        

End by: 7.03


15 mins

1) “Speaker of the Month”: 10} Peter Goult, who is a Plastics Researcher~ “Pathways to a circular, net zero plastics system in Europe ”            

End by: 7.18

2) Matters arising from the minutes:
4 min ~

1) Review: Last month's (12th) challenge success? “Join our Campaign: Encourage at least one of your friends or acquaintances to join our campaign by adding to our Mailchimp email group.” 
2 min ~

2) Festival Feast (was Christmas Dinner) 15th & 22nd May. Open to all!
1 min ~

3) Blue Flag and Seaside Awards progress
1 min     ~

4) AGM record will be available on website                    

End by: 7.26

10 min

3) Eastbourne Spring Water Festival 22”: 13th to 22nd May 2022
Events so far:
13th May Opening Ceremony
   Closing date for sending in entries for Creative Writing “Sea” Competition ~
   Strandliners Citizen Science event, Seaweed Search ~ Cuckmere Haven
   Start of “Refill Quest” daily event
14th May Saturday: Stalls Fair ~ Western Lawns
15th May Sunday: Big Beach Clean
1st Festival Feast ~ Crown & Anchor
20th May: Conference “Blue Planet at Eastbourne” ~ Lansdowne Hotel Conference Suite
21st May: Rock & Blue Concert ~ Crown & Anchor by “Southern Spirit”
22nd May: Closing Ceremony ~ Holy Well
   2nd Festival Feast ~ Crown & Anchor
Many more events are being created.                            

End by: 7.36

5 min

4) This month's ~No. 17 ~ Challenge of the Month:     
“Clear-out! Get rid of cleaning product plastic bottles.”
Use a Refill Centre: Purevo/Reworks  warehouse in 104, Firle Road. BN22 8ES. Contact Joe Rose ~ 07527 119304
Also in Hailsham: “Simply Weigh”. Unit 2B St Mary's Walk, BN27 1AF. Contact 01323 441467 
Both are on FB
Raise awareness in Eastbourne about these disposal places. What`s App Groups/emails and Social Media.                                       End by: 7.41

5 min

5) Lobbying campaign: “Biomass Plastics”                            
4 efforts to launch a government focused petition. This began with “benign plastics”: making products from oil as “end of life” biodegradable waste. As I have researched this topic, products can now be made from Biomass. For example tree protectors can be made from sugar cane waste. I am working on this now.                        

End by: 7.46

10 min

6) Monitoring our campaign's journey towards Carbon Neutrality by 2030
To get to carbon neutral by 2030 will need regular (annual?) target setting with reviews. Indicators need agreeing. Suggestions: 
*number of refill stations; *number of PFChampions; *membership of PFE; *how many organisations have joined in this monitoring?
We need to share this need with the EBC. This concerns mandating all organisations to take part.
I held a meeting with a small group of participants for me to outline a procedure, starting with voluntary participation. Also, I presented my ideas to the EBC Climate Change Strategy Panel meeting                                      

End by: 7.56

5 min

7) Refill* progress:

a) Cornish Refill Stations: from “Our Only World” ~ Tina Robinson: progress report.
b) Welcome Centre Plaza Refill Station
c) Updating our Refill Eastbourne network                     

End by: 8.01

5 min

8) Adopt a Beach. Progress report: Ray Jarvis                

End by: 8.06

10 min

9) Other causes ~         
Participant contributions: to be “tabled” 
•    Joe Rose: “Greenwashing” campaign
•    Please share and support ~ Christina Kearley ~ is running in the Eastbourne Half Marathon. She is fundraising for Plastic Free Eastbourne. Please help her raise £1000 for a Refill Station:
•    Feel the Love This event is on 13th February on the beach. Can anyone represent PFE?                                                      

End by: 8.16

10 min    

10) Diary of events:

1)    Tuesday 1st: Eastbourne Greenpeace meet on the first Tuesday of each month, at 8pm in the Crown and Anchor, Marine Parade, and also on zoom, for people who don't want to meet in person. 
2)    Friday 4th: our sixth “Eastbourne Spring Water Festival 22” Steering Group meeting
3)     Sunday 6th: Monthly Meeting number 38 ~ online via Microsoft Teams                                                      
4)    12th & 13th: Come and join us at our sixth BHASSEXPLORE collective #greensockmovement Extreme Coastal Clearance weekend between Brighton marina and Ovingdean!  All welcome.... so much  work to do! There are over 10 tonnes of plastic and synthetic materials trapped on these 'sea defence' boulders on this 2km stretch of coastline!  Come and help free them of these nasty harmful materials.... we shall be on the 2nd slipway east of the marina all weekend as the tide goes out all day.... you can help in many ways.... cutting... gathering.... bagging..... carrying and sorting these ropes and ghost nets etc for recycling.... or just come and say hello and give us some support!  It's a beautiful place so let's all work TOGETHER to help clear up all this mess! Please share this message with others who share our interests and concerns about the environment and bring some friends with you!  There is enough work for over a hundred people to get involved! Many thanks.... to find out more about our environmental work and project.... please visit our website.... .... or the BHASSEXPLORE Facebook page....
5)    Sunday 27th: Mucky Mermaids Beach Clean Eastbourne Redoubt 10am End by: 8.26


4 min

~ Next month's challenge:  

~Number 18 ~ Any suggestions?
~ next meeting (39th) Sunday: 6th March, 7pm ONLINE Click here to join the Monthly Meeting or Chamber 49 Gildredge Road (?)
“Speaker of the Month ~ to be chosen.
~ Items for next monthly meeting??                                    End by 8.30
~~~~~~~~~~~~~    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~   
For sale:

1)Wild Tribe Heroes books by Ellie Jackson ~ £7.99p each. On line: in the notes section write “PFE” and we will receive the profits for each book sold ~  
2)    “Plastic Free Eastbourne” Cotton T-Shirts £9 each; new version £14 each ~ Organic Regenerated Cotton “Ecologie” by
3)    Litter pickers £4 each. £7 folding litter pickers
Please contact me if you would like to purchase from these last 3 items.

Oliver Sterno Community Leader ~ Plastic Free Eastbourne
Community Coordinator ~ Refill Eastbourne

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