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Plastic Free Eastbourne's 40th
Monthly Meeting 


Sunday 3rd April 7 pm Agenda

Click here to join the meeting via Microsoft Teams. Alternatively, please participate IN PERSON. We will be meeting in the Lansdowne Hotel Meeting Room. Thank you to Catherine Clifford for offering this venue:

King Edward's Parade BN21 4EE

Telephone: 01323 725174

2 mins ~ Welcome & Personal greetings ~ depending on how many are “in”. 1 minute each max.


Thank you to Sue Dixon for minuting last month's Monthly Meeting.

1 min ~ Apologies:

Minuter ~ please someone volunteer for “Action/Decision” minutes End by: 7.03

Bereavement moment ~ Claire Sumners Plastic Free Seaford & Regional SAS Rep

10 mins

1) “Speaker of the Month”: 11} ?? End by: 7.15

2) Matters arising from the minutes:

4 min

1) Review: Last month's (17th) challenge success? Register for an event in our Festival

2 min 

2) Christina Kearley's crowdfunder for a refill station via her Half Marathon run

1 min ~ 3) Blue Flag and Seaside Awards progress. Colin Swansborough's follow up

1 min

4) Aviva Fundraiser ends 12th April End by: 7.23

10 min

3) Eastbourne Spring Water Festival 22”: 13th to 22nd May 2022

Volunteers sought: please come forward.

·Website and other platforms End by: 7.33

5 min

4) This months ~No. 19 ~ Challenge of the Month: Register for an “ESWF22” event during March (same as last month's) End by: 7.38

3 min

5) Lobbying campaign: “Biomass Plastics” End by: 7.41

10 min

6) Monitoring our campaign's journey towards Carbon Neutrality by 2030

To get to carbon neutral by 2030 will need regular (annual?) target setting with reviews. Indicators need agreeing. Suggestions:

*Number of refill stations; *number of PFChampions; *membership of PFE; *how many organisations have joined in this monitoring?

Towner & Lansdowne Hotel are setting this up Volunteer search? End by: 7.51

8 min

7) Refill* progress: a) Cornish Refill Stations: from “Our Only World” ~ Tina Robinson: progress report

b) Sue Dixon: spread the network into educational locations End by: 7.59

5 min

8) Aviva Community Fundraiser started 1st March. Ends 12th April: End by: 8.04

10 min

9) Other causes ~

Participant contributions: to be “tabled”

· Please share and support ~ Christina Kearley ~ ran in the Eastbourne Half Marathon. She was fundraising for Plastic Free Eastbourne. Please help her raise £1000 for a Refill Station: Last call! · "Make Water Famous" website End by: 8.14

10 min

10) Diary of events:

1) Friday 1st our eighth “Eastbourne Spring Water Festival 22” Steering Group meeting

2) Sunday 3rd: Monthly Meeting number 40th ~ online via Microsoft Teams or Lansdowne Hotel

3) 13th to 22nd: Eastbourne Spring Water Festival 22 End by: 8.24

4 min AOB:

~ Next month's challenge: ~Number 20 ~ Any suggestions?

~ next meeting (41st) Sunday: 8th May, 7 pm ONLINE Click here to join the Monthly Meeting or “Face to Face location to be decided

“Speaker of the Month ~ to be chosen.

~ Items for next monthly meeting?? End by 8.28

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

For sale: 1)Wild Tribe Heroes books by Ellie Jackson ~ £7.99p each. On line: in the notes section write “PFE” and we will receive the profits for each book sold ~

2) “Plastic Free Eastbourne” Cotton T-Shirts £9 each; new version £14 each ~ Organic Regenerated Cotton “Ecologie” by

3) Litter pickers £4 each. £7 folding litter pickers

Please contact me if you would like to purchase from these last 3 items.

Oliver Sterno Community Leader ~ Plastic Free Eastbourne
Community Coordinator ~ Refill Eastbourne
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