Working together, we can make a difference

We collaborate with the local council and authorities, schools, some environmental organisations, and local businesses to all support our mission - to reduce single use plastic and continue our work to make Eastbourne Plastic Free.  

Dates, Agendas & Minutes 

Next meeting: 

Monthly Meeting No. 33 - 4th July 2021 Online 7pm ~ Please note change of time!

Previous meeting: 

Monthly Meeting No. 32  - 2nd May  2021 Online 4.30pm

Previous meeting: 

Monthly Meeting No. 31  - 2nd May  2021 Online 4.30pm

Previous meeting: 

Monthly Meeting No. 27  -  3rd January  2021 Online 7.00pm 

Become a Plastic Free Champion !

Please join us and support our efforts to make a measurable improvement in the world we are responsible for.