Plastic Free Eastbourne's
Monthly Meeting 35:

Sunday 3rd October 2021 7 pm Minutes


Present: Oliver Sterno, Sue Dixon, Joan Kennedy, Sue Courtney, Gemma Courtney-Davies, Sally Mildner, Robin and Sue Sykes, Evelyn Rudden

Apologies: Robert Smart, Les Jackson, Jane Wilde, David Stopp, Alexandra Lehmann, Sue Logan, Sue Burton, Christina Kearley


1) “Speaker of the Month”: 8} Sue Dixon ~ our Deputy and one of the Directors of our campaign group:  Sue outlined the significant effect being in PFE has had on her purchases and habits, concluding that if we do what we can to live a sustainable life, together we will make a difference.                                                                 

2) Matters arising from the minutes:

1) Review: Last month's (11th) challenge success? “ethical use of the internet”  All present always tried to behave responsibly on social media. Oliver recommended use of Ecosia as a preferred search engine as it plants trees using the money it makes from hosting advertising. 

2) Marine Study Centre ~ progress Oliver outlined the Marine Conservation Zone and its importance. He also listed some of its significant sea creatures and habitats. The plans for the Marine Study Centre were discussed. Further developments to be reported at future meetings, 

3) Meeting locations: Sept & Oct: Lansdowne Hotel; Nov 14th: Crown & Anchor; December 19th Christmas Dinner at Crown and Anchor  Jan: Hydro Hotel


3) Titan360 and “Spring Water Festival”: 13th to 22nd May 2022~ our next Steering group is on 13thOctober. Ideas for events are welcome.    Footage by Titan 360 will be used to publicise the 2022 festival. These films have deservedly gained much praise.                         

4) This month's ~No. 12 ~ Challenge of the Month: 'sign up to the “Benign Plastics” petitions'              Oliver explained the ambition for biodegradable plastics made from oil to be developed which will degrade fully without forming micro or nano plastics. When these are developed and widely available, the government must legislate for their use.    Oliver wants the petition to prepare the  Government to take action   when these plastics are ready for commercial use.                                             

5) “Snippets” Freshers fair at ESCG publicity stall This was well attended and many students signed the petition. 

 BBC Sussex interview, Oliver publicised PFE and our involvement in the carnival 

 Eastbourne Carnival, thanks to those who participate. The amount raised is not yet known. 

 UCL Webinar: “Compostable Plastics” Oliver participated in this and then had further meetings with the scientists to discuss his Benign Plastics campaign 

,Queen's Canopy (planting trees for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee  & Eden Project in Eastbourne, Oliver reported that these projects are inspirational as is Tim Smit’s ambition to invest in Eastbourne with exciting and innovative initiatives.  

 Hastings Oceans Symposium (UNA), This was curated by Gonzalo Alvarez who is our OFE Scientific. Oliver publicised our Benign Plastics campaign and gathered more signatures. 

Liz Magraw: Adopt a Beach thoughts: “I enjoy being part of this worthwhile scheme. As you pick up the litter you feel you are making a contribution, however small. But I guess lots of small ones can add up.

There have been some positive side effects too.

For instance getting to know co-adopters and being able to socialise. I met mine when we had the big beach clean for the Spring Water Festival and we arranged to meet again for a clean and picnic. Unfortunately we did not quite manage that as with the end if lockdown, people became busier. However it was lovely to make contact and we can pursue this.

I also noticed that during Mucky Mermaids monthly beach cleans, there was significanly less litter. So the Adoption scheme is having a positive impact. (I must add though less so since the tourist season and summer went into full swing, so still some way to go in educating people).”

Liz Magraw 24 9 21                                             


6) Refill* progress: a) £1000 funding offered by SouthEast Water.

     b) Cornish Refill Stations: from “Our Only World” ~ Tina Robinson: Oliver explained that these Refill stations are made of recycled fishing net and will be manufactured in the UK not the USA as the standard version is, thereby dramatically reducing its carbon footprint. 

     c) Spring Water Festival 22. This is in development. It was suggested that PFE could register for donations on Note: we are a CIC not a Charity and so we are not legible.


7) Plastic Free Eastbourne 'Christmas Dinner' at the Crown and Anchor Sunday December 19th Choices of menu by 1st December                                    


8) Other causes ~         


· – aiming to achieve carbon neutrality for Eastbourne by 2030. 

· this organisation recycles ink cartridges but also produces an excellent weekly educational magazine.

·    A new member of our campaign ~ Christina Kearley ~ is running in the Eastbourne Half Marathon. She is fundraising for Plastic Free Eastbourne. Please help her raise £1000 for a Refill Station:

·    Cop26 Demonstration & March: Nov 6th PFE have been invited to participate but neither  Oliver nor Sue are available on the day. Oliver has had input into the day.             


    9) Diary of events:

1.  Tuesday 5th October 8pm Greenpeace Planning Meeting: Crown & Anchor 

2.  16th & 17th October weekend: Warm Norm and BHASSEXPLORE “The storm season and winter months are upon us and so much will wash in on every tide so we need all the help we can get in going into the tidal zone when weather and tidal conditions allow... this beautifully rugged remote iconic coastline is unique and it deserves better than it has had these last 50 plus years during which multiple tonnes of decaying synthetic materials have been allowed to accumulate by all organisations and authorities”. 

3.  Sunday 24th October 10am Mucky Mermaids: next beach clean ~ Wish Tower    

4.  31st October to 12th November: COP26 ~ "Conference of the Parties" in Glasgow          

10)  Blue Flag and Seaside Awards progress: before the council for action


8 min AOB:

~ Next month's challenge:  ~Number 13 ~ using up all your resources

~ next meeting Sunday: 14th November, 7pm at the Crown and Anchor. “Speaker of the Month ~ Pauline von Hellermann “Eastbourne Eco Action 2030 ~ a challenging ambition”:  this campaigning group entails contributing to our ambition for our town to be carbon neutral by 2030!

~ Items for next monthly meeting??                                            

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For sale: 1)Wild Tribe Heroes books by Ellie Jackson ~ £7.99p each. On line: in the notes section write “PFE” and we will receive the profits for each book sold ~  

2.  “Plastic Free Eastbourne” Cotton T-Shirts £9 each; new version £12 each Organic Regenerated Cotton “Ecologie” by

3.  Litter pickers £4 each. £7 folding litter pickers

Please contact me if you would like to purchase from these last 3 items.


Oliver Sterno Community Leader ~ Plastic Free Eastbourne

Community Coordinator ~ Refill Eastbourne