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Plastic Free Eastbourne's
Monthly Meeting: 36


Sunday 14th November 2021 7pm, Minutes

Present: Oliver Sterno, Sue & Robin Sykes, Nelson Kay, Clare Chetwood, Sally

Mildner, Evelyn Rudden, Sue Dixon, Pauline von Hellermann

Apologies: Christina Kearley, Alex Lehmann, Sally Boys

1) “Speaker of the Month”: 9} Pauline von Hellermann ~ Leading our EcoEd2030

group: “Eastbourne Eco Action 2030 ~ a challenging ambition”. Pauline explained

that this group is trying to facilitate a network of schools and groups which try to

engage and work with them on environmental issues. The goal is Carbon Neutrality

by 2030. Often it can be difficult for individual groups to contact the appropriate

person in schools and teachers can be overwhelmed by a multiplicity of contacts

from various groups. The EcoEd2030 group therefore sends all local schools a

Monthly Newsletter and has termly online events. Plastics will feature in one of these

events in the summer programme. There are still challenges with engagement but

there have been successes such as the well-publicised Birds2BeHeard project.

Pauline is also building networks with similar groups across Sussex.

2) Matters arising from the minutes

a) Review: Last month's (11th) challenge success? “sign up to the “Benign Plastics”

petitions” Discussed under Item 5

b) Marine Study Centre ~ This project is linking with £140 million for the Sea

defences and may also link with the centre on Fisherman’s Quay.

c) Post Zoom meeting location: Oliver thanked the Lansdowne Hotel for hosting us in

September and October and the Crown and Anchor for their hospitality today. January &

February 2022: Hydro Hotel

d) Blue Flag and Seaside Awards. The council is now taking these applications

forward. There was discussion around the moral responsibility of Southern Water to

support and sponsor the Blue Flag Award.

e) Titan360 film record: “A great video” ~ D.S. “Sea



3) Titan360 and “Eastbourne Spring Water Festival 22”: 13th to 22nd May

2022~ our next Steering group was on 10th November. Ideas for events are

welcome, such as this one:

ocean-pollution-installation-06-27-2018/  Supporters in Sovereign Harbour have

taken on scoping this project which could be sited in the Outer Harbour and act as a

reminder of the plastic waste issue.


4) This month's ~No. 12 ~ Challenge of the Month: Use Up All Of Your Resources.

Oliver gave examples such as cutting a toothpaste tube in half to ensure all the

contents were used.


5) Lobbying campaign: “Benign Plastics” now “Biomass Plastics” Oliver

explained the shift of focus from fossil fuel based plastics to biomass plastics. There

was discussion around the resource implications. An online petition to parliament will be circulated by Oliver. The hard copy documents were given to all those present.


6) “Snippets”:

a) Recycling bins for PPE:




~ Liz Magraw 24 9 21

b) Purevo Hygiene ~Refill Shop~ are at 104, Firle Road (Mon to Fri 9 to 5 ~ message

first) with a recycling bin.Stall to come to our ESWF22

c) “Green Shoots”

d) Catherine Pymble: St Andrew's Church, Seaside, Eastbourne are pleased to

announce that we are now registered as a collection point for recycling Pringles

Tubes. Tubes can be brought to the Church and placed in the box in the porch

8.30am-5.30pm everyday except for Friday. Or they can be passed on to Fr David.

e) Rosie Miller: Robert Dyas in Eastbourne take water filter cartridges for recycling at

their store: just to take them to the till

f) Roots and Hoots: Zero waste on-line delivery service of food and other items.


7) Refill* progress: a) £1000 funding offered by South East Water.

b) Cornish Refill Stations: from “Our Only World” ~ Tina Robinson: progress report.

This model is currently being tested to ensure it meets the correct standards.

c) Eastbourne Spring Water Festival 22. Event added: “Refill Quest” by Jill

Shacklock (Uni Brighton)

d) New grant ~£1000~ received via EBC devolved budget for Hampden Park, Grants

have now been received from all but one of the 9 wards.

e) Aviva Community Crowdfunder: £3190 (9/1/21)


8) Plastic Free Eastbourne “Christmas Dinner” at the Crown and Anchor

Sunday December 19th Choices of menu by 1st December. Invitations sent out.

Email for menu choosing


9) Other causes ~

Participant contributions: to be “tabled”


Sue Courtney's comments: "Being a part of PFE  has validated my current recycling, reusing and repurposing habits.
I notice that I am referencing PFE regularly now   as well  encouraging others to take action
via the FB posts. PFE raises daily awareness thus helping us be mindful of innovative ways to make a difference.
It  is inspiring regarding knowledge around plastic waste, local resources and ideas."


10) Diary of events:

a) Tuesday 7th December 8pm Greenpeace Planning Meeting: Crown & Anchor


b) December weekend: Warm Norm and BHASSEXPLORE “18 tonnes has now

been gathered and bagged and removed from the marine environment in the past 20

months on this six mile stretch of beautiful and remote, wild and untamed coastline”

c) Sunday 28th November 10am Mucky Mermaids: next beach clean ~ Wish Tower.

Then: Sunday 26th December 10am ~ Fisherman's Green

d) 31st October to 12th November: COP26 ~ "Conference of the Parties" in Glasgow


11) Annual General Meeting: 12th January Town Hall in the Court Room



~ Next month's challenge: ~Number 13 ~ Eco-Friendly Christmas

~ next meeting Sunday: 9th January, 7pm at the Hydro Hotel). “Speaker of the

Month ~ to be chosen.

~ Nelson Kay outlined some of his fascinating projects and ​their progress.


For sale: 1)Wild Tribe Heroes books by Ellie Jackson ~ £7.99p each. On line: in the

notes section write “PFE” and we will receive the profits for each book sold


2) “Plastic Free Eastbourne” Cotton T-Shirts £9 each; new version £12 each ~

Organic Regenerated Cotton “Ecologie” by

3) Litter pickers £4 each. £7 folding litter pickers

Please contact me if you would like to purchase from these last 3 items.


Oliver Sterno Community Leader ~ Plastic Free Eastbourne

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