Try Our Monthly Challenge . . .

Adopting new 'plastic friendly' habits into our lives will reduce the use of plastic and help our goal to improve our environment


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December's Challenge

Our September Monthly Challenge: Number 16

'Prepare for an Eco-friendly Christmas'

1. Choose plastic-free Christmas Crackers if you plan on using them.

2. Use alternative decorations to balloons. See the photo below.

3. Use recycled wrapping paper or plan paper which you add decoration to

4. Don't buy Greetings cards with glitter on them

5. Try to avoid as much waste food as possible. Leftovers can be used in different formats over the following few days. Also, please think of using your freezer too.

There are lots of other ideas out there. Please try to adapt at least one thing.

November's Challenge

This is quite a novel challenge, which I hope everyone will take up: too many of us assume that when a tube of toothpaste or a plastic bottle of shampoo or shower soap won't produce any more of its contents that they are empty and so are thrown away! Instead, cut the container in half with some scissors and you will find that there is plenty left for loads more times. 

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October's Challenge

Our October Monthly Challenge: Number 12

'Sign up to the "Benign Plastics" Petition.'

This is a straightforward challenge which I hope everyone will take up. Click the link below to download our petition and start collecting your own signatures.


September & August's Challenge

Our September Monthly Challenge: Number 11

'Ethical Electronics and Media'

This is quite a complex challenge and it will be up to iondividuals to interpret how to meet this target. One easy way to acheive some improvement is to ditch Google as a search engine and adopt "ECOSIA". The profits from browsing using Ecosia pays for planting trees. Currently there have been 130 million trees planted and you can find out how many trees you personally, will have been responsible for buying!



July's Challenge

Our July Monthly Challenge: Number 10

'Sustainable use of Elecricity'

Switch off wall sockets, computers and smart-phones, TV & boosters; hot water: can use cold; don't sing in the shower; windows open and heating on! Smart meter to be in control; switch off lights when not in use - use LEDs which cost more but consume far less electricity; fill a kettle with enough water for use; think about fitting solar panels on your roof.


June's Challenge

Our June Monthly Challenge: Number 9

'Visit all Refill stations along Spring Water Way'


May's Challenge

Our May Monthly Challenge: Number 8

'Pledge to never buy a single-use plastic bottle of water'


February's Challenge

Our February Monthly Challenge: Number 5

'Single use plastic free shopping'


April's Challenge

Our April Monthly Challenge: Number 7

'Reduce water consumption'


March's Challenge

Our March Monthly Challenge: Number 6

'How can families reduce single use plastic'


February's Challenge

Our February Monthly Challenge: Number 4

'Eliminate Cling Film'

Cling Film Alternatives:

1. Stacher Silicone storage Pouch

2. Reusable Silicon cling film wrap

3.Modfamily silicone stretch lids 

4. Bee Green Wraps

5. Planet wise sandwich zip bag 

6. Covermate elasticated food cover

January's Challenge

Toilet cistern: Add a brick; COVID-19 hand-washing for 20 seconds NOT with tap running; same with toothbrushing; singing in the shower, choose shower over bath; reuse kitchen (grey water) for garden watering.



December's Challenge

Our December Monthly Challenge: Number 3



6 Eco-Friendly balloon alternatives

1. Pin Wheels

2. Bubbles

3. Streamers

4. Pompoms

5. Bunting and Banners

6. Paper chains or Garlands


November's Challenge

Our November Monthly Challenge: Number 2

'Sustainable Crackers'


October's Challenge

Our October Monthly Challenge: Number 1

'Get rid of Bin Liners'