April Monthly Challenge : Reduce water consumption

A household of four people is estimated to use between 300 and 800 litres of water per day. It’s estimated that 24% of household water is used for toilet flushing, 12% is lost to leaks, 17% is used for clothes washing, 19% for tap use, 20% is used in the shower, and 8%is used for other applications. (Source: Water Research Foundation, Residential End Uses of Water, Version 2.2016)

Why save water ?

If human society takes dramatic action to curb climate change, we can stop the worst environmental damage. But even with strong action, we are bound to feel the effects of the climate pollution we’ve already created.

Under a ‘best case’ scenario, the global temperature will still rise by 2°C. In the UK, this means longer dry spells in summer and warmer, wetter winters. Growing seasons will lengthen and we will face more extreme weather events such as droughts and storms. By using water more wisely in our homes, gardens and workplaces, we can ease the pressure on our wetlands and rivers in these times of stress. Saving water will ensure more stable, resilient habitats for the birds and other wildlife which depend on our water environment for their survival.

There are lots of little changes we can all make to our everyday routines, to reduce water consumption.

Some ideas could be:

Turn off the tap while you are washing your hands in-between lathering.

Turn off the tap while you are cleaning your teeth (this can save up to 5 litres per brush !)

Have a shower instead of having a bath

Add a brick to your toilet cistern

Reuse kitchen grey water for watering the garden

Collect rainwater in a water butt for watering the garden

Mend any leaks or dripping taps

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