March Monthly Challenge : How can families reduce single-use plastics

There are lots of little changes we can all make to our everyday routines, to reduce our single use plastic. A little bit of forward planning can help to lessen the use of plastic in your life.

Some ideas could be:

Shopping: Never buy a plastic bag in a supermarket or shop ~ take your own reusable ones.

Buy loose veg and fruit where possible. Takeway drinks - take your own reusable cup.

In the bathroom: Swap toothbrushes with bamboo ones when the ones you are using need replacing. Use shampoo bars instead of liquids.

In the kitchen: Change clingfilm for reusable boxes for storing food items and wrapping packed lunches.

To meet this challenge, the whole family (!) will all need to swap one or more items. We would like to know how you have made a difference this month, please post on our Facebook page.