Monthly Newsletter ~ June 2021

Newsletter for June 2021

Our Spring Water Festival:

This is happening at the time of writing. Many events have already taken place, such as Sea Swim and Seaweed Search; the Pilgrimage and one of the Defiant Sports events. Still to come, for example: SUP Social and some more Beach science projects and Studio on the Beach. Also, there are several Arts Exhibitions which will be going on through most of June.Lastly, on Sunday 23rd, is our Closing Ceremony at the Holy Well (picture included above). Meanwhile, please use our refill stations along Spring Water Way to top up your water drinking bottle! Go to here for registering:

Just Giving: our Festival events are all free! We have a page if you would like to make a donation to Surfers Against Sewage ~ our Cornwall based charity which is guiding our campaign. Thank you for all contributions:

Our Festival App:

Please download this useful App here:

It provides details of where our Spring Water Way Refill Stations are situated. Also, walks and cycle routes are included, along with “pop ups” with fascinating historical and other information along the routes.

Our Monthly Challenge: “Visit all Refill Stations along Spring Water Way”. If you are not yet sure of where these are, please download the free “Refill” App. This shows where the nearest refill station is to where you are, along with the whole network if you want to discover this.

World Refill Day ~ 16th June. This relates so well to our Festival. Here is a link to get you started:

Our Monthly Meeting: you are welcome to join this reviewing and planning session. Our Guest Speaker for June is Alice Tebb of the Marine Conservation Zone: her topic “Beachy Head East Marine Conservation Zone. Everyone is welcome. The minutes from last month's meeting, the Agenda for this month's meeting and access to the meeting can be found via or via our Face Book Group ~ Plastic Free Eastbourne “Events”

or ~ Please use this link to join:

How YOU can take part in our campaign:

~ join in with our Adopt a Beach scheme

~ make a pledge ~ please use the newly created proforma below if you like!

~spread the word

~sponsor our campaign

~enjoy helping to improve our Planet bit by bit!

~interact with our Facebook group: Plastic Free Eastbourne and with our website:

Oliver Sterno Sue Dixon

Community Leader ~ Plastic Free Eastbourne Deputy Leader ~ Plastic Free Eastbourne

Coordinator ~ Refill Eastbourne