Newest refill station - Up and running !

Our most recent installation of a Refill Station is at Harbour Reach. This is just to the West of the Waterworks on the side wall of the toilet block on the Promenade. This is the next location where you can walk all along the seafront from Birling Gap to Sovereign Harbour, never having to buy a bottle of drinking water again. You can top up your refillable bottle wherever you come across a Refill Station!

Using water from a Refill Station costs 500 times less than the same volume bought in a bottle. We are campaigning to become a Carbon Neutral town by 2030 and one way to help achieve this is to eliminate single-use plastics, so you will never need to buy another plastic bottle of water!

Why Refill ?

In the UK, we’re lucky to have some of the highest quality drinking water in the world. Shockingly, a recent global study of bottled water brands found tiny plastic particles (microplastics) in over 90 per cent of samples. That’s enough to make anyone reach for their reusable bottle and start refilling!

For drinking water on the go around Eastbourne, Refill puts the power to reduce plastic at your fingertips.

Download the app to find the Refill centres.

Note the fishing line recycling bin, organised by Dee Harmer (Fish 2 Water) standing proudly to the left of this picture too !