A number of our Eco-Committee members presented our new eco-code poster to the school’s prep school pupils during morning assembly yesterday and copies will be displayed in every tutor room as well as main areas of the school shortly in the hope that all pupils, staff and parents will help us to become more eco-friendly by following the tips listed on the poster.

The school also welcomed Oliver Sterno and David Stopp who talked (and sang!) about the dangers that plastic poses for our oceans and sea creatures. They also encouraged us to become a plastic-free school as part of their Plastic-Free Eastbourne campaign.

A big thank you to Ella, Ewan, Azaan, Bella, Tiger, Annushka, Bertie, Eric, Ryan, Perdita and Sophia M for presenting our eco-code and for being such an asset to our school Eco-Committee.

The St Andrew’s Prep Eco-Committee already totals more than 20 members, but if you would like to join us in this vital cause, please contact Miss Lozano in S14 or Mrs Garrett in the library.

We want everyone to help us save our beautiful planet.