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We meet on the beach opposite The Langham Hotel on Saturdays and Sundays at 10am. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, we do not have any safety cover, security or structure. All swimmers enter the sea at their own risk, but support and advice is readily available. 

Some of us enjoy entering events and races. Some enjoy challenges, others swim for relaxation, fitness and improved mental well-being. We swim all year round, some in skins and some in wetsuits. 

We welcome anyone who wishes to try the sport we so much enjoy. Come to the beach to chat with us if you are interested. 

On 13th May, we will be swimming during the morning. We hope to arrive at the Eco-Stalls Fair in time for the Opening Ceremony ~ at 12 midday. One of our members ~ Karine Morrison ~ will be making a short presentation about the importance of high sea quality, as part of the Opening Ceremony.

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