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Strandliners’ volunteer activities range along the coast from the River Cuckmere in the west to Dungeness in the east; from Pett Level and Camber Sands on Rye Bay, up the River Rother to Crowborough, Hailsham and beyond. 

Strandliners survey for plastic pollution through identification, and record the data for organisations including the Marine Conservation Society, Surfers Against Sewage and Break Free From Plastic.
If we want to stop plastic pollution, we need to know what it is and where it comes from. By creating a data-rich picture of environmental pollution, we can begin to put the steps in place to stop it. Beach cleans are great for awareness, though they are only a stop-gap. 
To scale up the local effort, Strandliners CIC has launched a Community Action Team programme, with support from the United Nations Climate & Oceans, to train volunteers as citizen scientists and team-lead volunteers in their local communities to join the fight.

Friends at the Beach


Event duration: 1 hour


We are inviting you to discover this horrendous but yet fascinating world to gain vital identification and forensic skills. These skills can help to create a data rich picture of what the plastic pollution really is and then can help speed the necessary change needed to reduce the harm to the environment.

Saturday 15th May along Cuckmere River

 10.00 am, 11.00 am, 12.00 pm, 2.00 pm, 3.00 pm

Saturday 22nd May at Holywell

 10.00 am, 11.00 am, 12.00 pm, 2.00 pm, 3.00 pm

Please bring your own gloves, other equipment will be provided and sanitised beforehand.

Please wear sturdy footwear for walking on the beach and the river bank.

Hand sanitiser will be available on the day.


Microplastic is the term given to all pieces of plastic that are under 5mm in size, the next size up from 5mm to 25mm is called mesoplastic. 


There are two ways that plastic becomes this small. One is that larger plastic items break up through the environmental process of abrasion and photo-degradation. That is the action of sunlight and being tumbled around by the sea which makes larger pieces become smaller and smaller, but they won't ever disappear. These are classed as secondary microplastics.


The other type of microplastics are primary microplastics which are again under 5mm in size but the difference is that these have been manufactured at this dimension for a particular purpose. These primary microplastics include microfibres from our clothing, microbeads from our exfoliating products etc (now banned), nurdles which are pre production plastic pellets that everything made of plastic will once have been, and Bio beads which are a waste water treatment media used by large companies that need to clean water.


In amongst these plastic pieces treasures can be found, some natural and some manmade. Sea beans that have travelled the Atlantic Ocean to rest at the Cuckmere, Smartie lids & toys from beach visitors of the past and items from Atlantic Ocean container spills. All with stories to tell. The Cuckmere River mouth is a collecting point for all these micro & meso plastic items and pieces. 


The River Cuckmere is accessible by car or bus. Parking is available at the Seven Sisters or Friston car park. Both signposted from the A259. We will meet by the Strandliners flags at the beach by the river mouth, and the activity location will be along the river bank. There are very limited facilities and will require a 30 minute walk to and from the activity site.


The Marine Conservation Society, Strandliners CIC and local artists are hosting two dates of events as a collective. On Saturday 15th at Cuckmere and 22nd May at Holywell. Seaweed searches, mermaid purse challenges, beach cleans, micro & meso plastic surveys, and litter surveys and live ocean and artist led conversations and creative responses to the environment plus performances and happenings on the beach, all as part of the Eastbourne Spring Water Festival. Numbers are limited at each event but please don't let that stop you from signing up to more than one event if you wish! Each day will be full of #OceanOptimism and we can't wait to see you there.

Become a Plastic Free Champion !

Please join us and support our efforts to make a measurable improvement in the world we are responsible for.