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Founded in 2020 by three sisters, we are a family-owned business and operated by a female-led team. Who have a taste for good food and cherishing our community, sharing our passion by putting love in each loaf at a time...
We specialise in 100% sourdough bread using carefully sourced, organic flour and local ingredients. Bringing European-style breads and pastry to England’s South East coast.

From the beginning to the rise bakery has had a vision of a more sustainable future. Through using local ingredients and serving the local community, striving for zero waste practices and focusing on the nutritional benefits of our products.

Our sourdough bread is at the core of this mission. Using centuries-old techniques, combined with the nutritional knowledge of today, we aim to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, all beginning simply with just two natural ingredients: flour and water.

We created our sourdough breads with love and close attention using 100% organic flour and ingredients and is fermented over a 48-hour period.

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