About Us

Our group is part of Surfers Against Sewage’s efforts to create Plastic Free Communities

We engage with individuals and businesses across Eastbourne and the surrounding area as a Plastic Free Community striving towards the elimination of single use plastics.

Collectively, with groups such as Surfers Against Sewage and The Marine Conservation Society, we are thousands of participants attempting to make improvements towards a better, more sustainable world as every little thing each of us does makes an impact.

We welcome volunteers with ideas to contribute and are enormously grateful for donations and support received which allows us to invest in our activities including our network of Refill Stations.

Our project has evolved into a resilient movement, galvanising collective action, giving a sense of belonging and a symbol of hope.

If YOU wish to join our campaign

Say Hi! or call us on 07971 909454


Without the help of our volunteers and sponsors we would not be able to carry out our work challenging the use and raising awareness of single-use plastics in Eastbourne. We are very grateful to all of our partners for their assistance in helping us to achieve this.