Plastic Free Eastbourne Newsletter

Issue #42: July 2024

Election Month Edition

Welcome to Plastic Free Eastbourne's monthly campaign update. This month we consider how we can become more involved in creating this wonderful journey.

Our campaign is run by a very small team of volunteers. This is like all voluntary community groups. We do need more participants, however, who might be able to take on a particular role. For example our Adopt a Beach Manager has withdrawn. It would be great if one of you could step forward and offer to help run this unique project. I would provide support and it is a very simple and straightforward management task. Perhaps an Adopter might be interested?

We also need other activities to be managed: an example is our Beach Clean which happens roughly twice a year. 2 of our regulars are no longer able to take responsibility within our team. We need at least 2 volunteers here for these specific roles.

Perhaps you have an idea about how you could help or even create a partnership with us. For any of these options: please contact me at

Community Leader

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