Get Involved

Your involvement can make a tangible impact on Eastbourne’s environment.

Start local and make a difference.

Litter picking and beach clean events bring together individuals, create a sense of community and actively contribute to a cleaner environment. Similarly, the Adopt a Beach program encourages responsibility of specific coastal areas and a deeper connection to the local environment.

Plastic Free Business initiatives engage local enterprises in reducing single-use plastics promoting eco-friendly alternatives, contributing to a cleaner town and attracting environmentally conscious consumers, fostering a sustainable economic ecosystem.

Water refill stations reduce the reliance on disposable plastic bottles encouraging residents and visitors to consider reusable and more sustainable options.

Plastic Free Eastbourne offers a multifaceted approach to environmental conservation, inviting individuals, businesses, and the community at large to actively participate in creating a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable coastal environment.

So why don’t you start now?

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